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7 months ago @ 2:58PM

COVID-19 FAQ Parent Information

Q: What do you do if your child is exposed to a COVID-19 individual or becomes COVID-19 positive?

Keep your child home from practice/game. Contact your child’s coach, Ms. Ryder, Mr. DeGrood of school nurses. Please try and know the following information:

            -Who is COVID-19 positive (parent, child, work colleague, etc.)

            -Date of COVID-19 exposure 

            -Date of COVID-19 positive test/first symptom (whichever came first)

OHS nurses/Health officials will notify the Prince William County Health Department. A school nurse will contact your family and begin contact tracing. MCPS nursing staff under the direction of the PW Health Department and the Virginia Department of Health will communicate your next steps. If quarantine/isolation is suggested your child’s coach will be notified of their absence. 


Q: What will happen if your child becomes ill at practice or at a game?

Coaches will inform the athletic trainer, and your child will be moved to an isolation room until you are able to pick them up. If your child is outside and becomes ill, they will be moved to an isolated area, until you are able to pick them up. 


Q: What happens if your child reports not feeling well prior to a practice or a game?

Because it is hard to differentiate between COVID symptoms and your run of the mill winter cold/flu your child is not allowed to come to practice/game. Have your child stay home, and contact your team’s coach, school nurse, or athletic trainer. A MCPS nurse or athletic trainer will contact your family. If it is not an illness that can be explained by allergies, migraines, asthma, etc. then your child will need to be cleared by a physician prior to their return. If you wish to not see a physician then your child must stay home from all school activities for 14 days. 


Q: What happens if your child is exposed to COVID-19 while participating in a school sponsored activity?

The Prince William County Health Department will assess the risk level, and will guide MCPS through the appropriate steps. You should expect a phone call within 24 hours of notice of the exposure. An email and a mailed letter will be sent home to all families notifying them of the potential exposure.

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